Essential International Laws That You Must Know


We all love traveling to discover different cultures and traditions. Every country differs from the others in many ways. However, there are international laws that are the same in most countries. You must know international laws when traveling for your own benefit and safety. Below are the international work laws that you must know



Here are Some Fundamental International Laws You Need to Know About


Child Labor is a Crime

Child labor is making a child work physically or mentally in return for any favor. Child labor is a crime because a child is supposed to be enjoying and going to school. It is essential to note that the age to have the right to work is different from country to country. Most countries of the world practice the law that child labor is illegal.

The Right to Earn a Salary

According to international laws, every person has the right to earn a salary against any job done. Slavery is highly condemned in many countries. Moreover, employers also do not have the right to exploit their staff either physically or mentally. Every employee, after a specific period, has the right to earn local and sick leave. There are even institutions where you can report any abuse by employers.

Sexual Abuse and Assault is an Unacceptable Act 

Women are the most exposed gender to sexual abuse and assault in most countries. However, it is a severe offense to sexually abuse or assault any person of the opposite sex by international laws. These types of offenders are due to receive heavy punishments for such unacceptable acts. 

The Right to Earn a Pension

Every old-age person has the right to earn a pension. A pension is an amount of money that the local government provides to their old age inhabitants. The age and the number of funds differ from country to country. Moreover, a disabled person is also eligible for a pension.