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If you thought it was difficult to get customer service assistance at a retail establishment, try your luck at acquiring help at a Social Security Administration (SSA) field office. If you attempt this, then you will find the service at the mall to be extraordinarily expedient in comparison to SSA. Of course, the important difference […]

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Believe it or not, this may the most frequently asked question we hear from clients. The problem is that clients are so focused upon their individually-centered existence that they forget what the insurer is really about: MAKING MONEY. It has very little to do with the particular claimant as opposed to the economic model under […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. Many persons receiving long term disability benefits will be contacted by their insurers to encourage beneficiaries to apply for Social Security Disability and utilizing the company’s Social Security Disability vendor.  Some insurers will state that the representation will be done at no cost to the claimant.  There are several important […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. Very few persons expect to become disabled or receive much advanced warning. Therefore, claimants have precious little time to prepare for the economic ramifications that come with their newly disabled status. As hope springs eternal, most people keep trying to get better, often to no avail as their economic status […]

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It is very common for disability insurers to deny disability benefits based on findings made on “Attending Physician” of “Functional Ability” forms provided by the insurer to your treating physician. Typically, these forms are surreptitiously mailed to your physician without your knowledge in hope of duping your doctor into providing answers favorable to denying your […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. Many insureds are contacted each year by their respective long term disability insurers with claim settlement proposals. The purpose of these proposals is the buying out of a long term disability claim from a claimant whois not expected to recover from his/her medical condition and return to work. We routinely […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. There have many news reports concerning the increased filing of Social Security Disability claims as a result of the economic downturn. This reporting, though, has not addressed any effect that the economic downturn has had on long term disability claim filings. The Council for Disability Awareness undertook an extensive data […]

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