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Face it. The underlying policies of the Social Security Administration (SSA) are clearly lacking. There are no provisions for person to be only partially disabled or to assist employers in retaining disabled persons working in lesser roles. These deficiencies result in 90% of persons found disabled not returning to work. The failure to promote employment […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. Very few persons expect to become disabled or receive much advanced warning. Therefore, claimants have precious little time to prepare for the economic ramifications that come with their newly disabled status. As hope springs eternal, most people keep trying to get better, often to no avail as their economic status […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. The old adage “your not getting any younger” could not be any more true when describing the overall age of the United States population in general. The Social Security Administration’s own statistics reveal that 20% of all persons will become disabled for a year or more before reaching the age […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. There are disability conditions which are readily apparent. A person suffering from a lower spinal condition may walk with a pronounced limp and require a cane to walk. Similarly, stroke victims will demonstrate difficulty with movement or with speech. Many other disabling conditions are hidden from view, but can result […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. During the last few months, the New York Times and National Public Radio have repeatedly argued that disabled persons are cheating the Social Security Disability system. A recent article by NYT columnist, Nicholas Kristof, cited “some poor families in Kentucky” who were pulling their children out of literacy classes for […]

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Disability can strike anyone at any time. Statistically, the older you are, the more likely you are to become disabled. As the “Baby Boomer” generation ages, an increasing number of individuals will be confronted with the question of whether they should apply for disability benefits. The current figures from the Social Security Administration predict a […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. If the economic news has not been bad enough for the majority of citizens of the U.S., the news for the disabled only grows worse. To understand how this backlog has come to be requires a quick study in the number of cases SSA handles. In 2006, over 2 million […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. As you are aware, disability insurers employ sophisticated actuarial data to determine the population’s risk of becoming disabled and calculate premiums accordingly. That is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how insurer’s rig the disability benefit system to reduce payment of disability claims. One of the […]

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Overall wellness extends beyond the physical well-being of a person. When an individual becomes disabled, it includes more than just a breakdown of the physical processes. More often than not, with physical decline will come cognitive decline. Cognitive function is a multidimensional concept that includes attention, concentration, learning, memory, problem-solving ability, visuospatial abilities, mental flexibility, […]

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By Scott B. Elkind, Esq. As much of a relief it may seem once you have been found disabled and are receiving benefits, this is only the start of another phase of your life. Although you are no longer engaged in your old line of work, your new “job” is that of a disabled person […]

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