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If you believe an insurer is going to conduct a physical examination “in order to gain a better understanding of your functional abilities,” then I have a slightly used bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

The insurance companies acquire the examiners from “independent third party vendors.” These vendors are anything but “independent” as they are acquired by companies with long-standing and valuable contracts with the disability insurers. The vendors sole purpose is the acquisition of medical personnel who give opinions favorable to the insurers’ position to acquire evidence by which to deny claims.

This firm has investigated many of these examiners and found many deficiencies in their backgrounds including, but not limited to:

• No hospital privileges

• No actual medical practice of their own

• Retired for many years

• Providing opinions for areas of medicine in which they never practiced

• Writing blogs with embarrassing and/or biased statements

• Malpractice actions against them

• Suspension of medical license

• Criminal charges against them

Many times, the insurer will require an examination by a practitioner who is a long distance from a claimant’s home. The insurer will first see if the claimant is willing to drive the distance (up to 50 or more miles). Thereafter, the insurer will use the ability to travel against the claimant on the report. If the claimant cannot make the drive, the insurer will pay for transportation to and from examination. So, if the insurer is willing to pay that amount of money, you know the examination results are guaranteed.

On other occasions, there are examiners who will fly across the country to perform examinations at local practitioner offices for the disability insurers. Again, if the insurer is willing to pay to transport an examiner such a distance and incur all the expenses attendant thereto, the insurer is well-assured in advance that its money will be well spent.

Therefore, if you are scheduled to undergo any evaluation by a disability insurer, you should seek consultation with an experienced counsel immediately. Once you go to the examination, the results could be devastating to your case with no very little ability to undo the damage done.

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